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Jorge Pardo Quotes

Quotes by Jorge Pardo - (4 quotes)

Jorge Pardo - From the Architecture category:

I was asked to do a piece for a museum and I said I want it to be a house. (Jorge Pardo)

Jorge Pardo - From the Artists category:

I don't think that art gets made with your hands. (Jorge Pardo)

Jorge Pardo - From the Exhibitions category:

I wanted to try and understand the value of neutrality in gallery spaces - how to set up a scenario like, if you don't have a white cube for showing art, how do you deal with that? It's not very different from most art's final destination... people's homes. (Jorge Pardo)

Jorge Pardo - From the Sculpture category:

I've always been more interested in how works of art reverberate when you're not in front of them than when you are. (Jorge Pardo)