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Hilary Page Quotes

Quotes by Hilary Page - (15 quotes)

Hilary Page - From the Colour category:

Buying watercolor paints requires that you know the colors and their confusing and seemingly inconsistent nomenclature. No standardization exists... (Hilary Page)

Hilary Page - From the Desire category:

If you have to paint, you have to paint. That is what makes art. That is what art is all about. (Hilary Page)

Hilary Page - From the Drawing category:

When you draw, hold your sketchbook upright... Attempting to draw your subject with your sketchbook flat on the table results in distortion. (Hilary Page)

Hilary Page - From the Imagination category:

Creating space on a flat piece of paper is an amazing leap of the imagination. (Hilary Page)

Hilary Page - From the Individuality category:

The more you paint, the better your paintings will be, and the better your paintings become, the more you will want to paint, and the more you paint, the sooner your individuality will emerge in your paintings. (Hilary Page)

Hilary Page - From the Knowledge category:

Just as a musician must first master the technical aspects of his instrument to be able to express the music's soul in performance, so, too, must a visual artist assimilate the technical knowledge that will allow him the freedom to conceptualize and interpret the spirit of his subject. (Hilary Page)

Hilary Page - From the Originality category:

Knowledge and skills, once acquired, practiced and mastered, have to be laid aside and stored in the unconscious. Then the informed artist can be free to create truly original paintings. (Hilary Page)

Hilary Page - From the Painting category:

The spirit of painting enables the artist, both student and professional, to enter into the spacial and timeless aspects of his being and emerge from the experience feeling renewed and refreshed. (Hilary Page)

Hilary Page - From the Plein-Air category:

Going out on location to local cotton gins used to be a ritual of mine. The conditions would be awful - very hot, cotton flying everywhere and noisy. However, now the gins have been torn down because of development and I'm glad I endured. The paintings are precious to me. (Hilary Page)

Hilary Page - From the Practice category:

The key to painting the figure is to get a good drawing at the onset. And that only comes with practice, practice, practice! (Hilary Page)

Hilary Page - From the Strength category:

Strong paintings are comprised of a few, simple underlying abstract shapes. (Hilary Page)

Hilary Page - From the Subject category:

Only paint what excites you. You are the boss! (Hilary Page)

Hilary Page - From the Talent category:

Time and again I have observed that those who have the desire to find their unique form of artistic expression do so regardless of that ephemeral quality known as talent. (Hilary Page)

Hilary Page - From the Watercolours category:

In watercolor, the experienced know that seeming chaos is usually the precursor to a strong painting... (Hilary Page)

Hilary Page - From the Worry category:

If you're painting, you're free from worry. If you're painting, you're happy. (Hilary Page)