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Adrienne Moore Quotes

Quotes by Adrienne Moore - (8 quotes)

Adrienne Moore - From the Abstraction category:

Painting abstract expressionistic works are the most challenging as they entail all the elements of a first class realistic piece of work, namely composition, values, etc. which need to be addressed... (Adrienne Moore)

Adrienne Moore - From the Artists category:

I make art to stay in control of my cluttered life... It is the poets, musicians and writers who challenge me to express myself in paint. (Adrienne Moore)

Adrienne Moore - From the Models category:

I asked a Mexican singer to come and pose for the Friday class. She was initially worried that I was insinuating that she pose without clothes. I at once reassured her that she could pose in her costume from Spain and all of her usual fans and regalia and she surprised us by agreeing and holding poses so well that we all enjoyed this kind of a model.... we paid her what we pay our usual models. (Adrienne Moore)

Adrienne Moore - From the Pets category:

Dog owners who are passionate about their pets and their painting enjoy a privilege. Perhaps it is because we have an obligation to get out there and walk... no matter what the elements may bring, the early morning walk sets the tone for the day in the studio. (Adrienne Moore)

Adrienne Moore - From the Play category:

I love to paint completely for myself. I call it my experimental work when I just need to play with my materials and not worry about the market. This is where the child-like artist takes over and allows the artist to just have fun. There is a no risk factor. (Adrienne Moore)

Adrienne Moore - From the Poetry category:

O for the insight of T.S. Elliot's The Hollow Men to realize the power of abstract thought. (Adrienne Moore)

Adrienne Moore - From the Taste category:

It is all a very personal taste in any piece of work. I am, as an artist, aware that my choice to paint what I enjoy means that I dared to take a chance and paint what pleases me and I feel strongly that money and the market is only a small part of this. (Adrienne Moore)

Adrienne Moore - From the Workshops category:

There is no fixed way to teach a diverse group. For some, it is an early morning demo that occupies them, others are bogged down with ideas to create what they hope to achieve and they need special time because of their choices. A few can be ill-equipped to be in the level of a class... individualize the program and diversify. (Adrienne Moore)