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Charlie Haden Quotes

Quotes by Charlie Haden - (5 quotes)

Charlie Haden - From the Artists category:

We're here to bring beauty to the world and make a difference in this planet. That's what art forms are about. (Charlie Haden)

Charlie Haden - From the Inspiration category:

I just sit down at the piano and rattle it off. (Charlie Haden)

Charlie Haden - From the Music category:

As long as there are musicians who have a passion for spontaneity, for creating something that's never been before, the art form of jazz will flourish. (Charlie Haden)

Charlie Haden - From the Teaching category:

I want them to come away with discovering the music inside them... (Charlie Haden)

Charlie Haden - From the Workshops category:

There's like a special group of people that come from different parts of the planet to study with me. It's nice. (Charlie Haden)