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Frances Poole Quotes

Quotes by Frances Poole - (6 quotes)

Frances Poole - From the Colour category:

We always made our illustrations at least 200 percent larger than what was needed... all the small imperfections didn't show and they looked clean as a whistle... I wonder if colors intensify when they are condensed to a smaller size. (Frances Poole)

Frances Poole - From the Fire category:

Wow, what a hot button topic this is, Mr. Genn! I think you are having a little fun with us - setting a fire under our sorry 'you know whats.' (Frances Poole)

Frances Poole - From the Interest category:

Artists like old cars because they are truly works of art in themselves that you can drive around in. How great is that! (Frances Poole)

Frances Poole - From the Routine category:

By sticking to a schedule and not waiting for inspiration to hit I am assured of getting work done. No phone calls or other interruptions during work hours. (Frances Poole)

Frances Poole - From the Studio category:

Nothing but the great depression can compare with our current economy. Artists used to get really cheap studios to live-work in. That simply is not true anymore... (Frances Poole)

Frances Poole - From the Workshops category:

You can't teach everything in one workshop, but everyone will benefit from your expertise if you focus on several main points, think of both beginners and the more advanced and not try to cover everything in one day. (Frances Poole)