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Betty Edwards Quotes

Quotes by Betty Edwards - (5 quotes)

Betty Edwards - From the Art category:

Art has this long history, predating even language, of expressing nonverbal information. (Betty Edwards)

Betty Edwards - From the Children category:

In early childhood, children develop a set of symbols that 'stand for' things they see in the world around them... Children are happy with symbolic drawing until about the age of eight or nine... when children develop a passion for realism. Our schools do not provide drawing instruction. Children try on their own to discover the secrets of realistic drawing, but nearly always fail and, sadly, give up on trying. (Betty Edwards)

Betty Edwards - From the Drawing category:

An individual's ability to draw is... the ability to shift to a different-from-ordinary way of processing visual information – to shift from verbal, analytic processing to spatial, global processing. (Betty Edwards)

Betty Edwards - From the Importance category:

Be clear in your mind why learning to draw well is important. Drawing enables you to see in that special, epiphanous way that artists see, no matter what style you use to express your special insight. Your goal in drawing should be to encounter the reality of experience... to see ever more clearly, ever more deeply. (Betty Edwards)

Betty Edwards - From the Skill category:

As each new skill is learned, you will merge it with those previously learned until, one day, you are simply drawing - just as, one day, you found yourself simply driving without thinking about how to do it. (Betty Edwards)