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Dianne Bersea Quotes

Quotes by Dianne Bersea - (7 quotes)

Dianne Bersea - From the Creativity category:

Virtuosity equals creativity plus facility with tools plus a willingness to 'spend-the-time' and make an investment in the outcome. (Dianne Bersea)

Dianne Bersea - From the Ego category:

Self-esteem is the foundation of empathy and self-confidence. And the foundation of creative empowerment - the home of sensitive and accomplished artists, tyros and all. (Dianne Bersea)

Dianne Bersea - From the Plein-Air category:

When painting and sketching plein-air I sink into the landscape, an attuned witness to its mood and beauty. (Dianne Bersea)

Dianne Bersea - From the Practice category:

I put a lot of emphasis on the necessity of continuing to work, that good art practice is a product of practice, practice, practice. (Dianne Bersea)

Dianne Bersea - From the Spirituality category:

Each moment of the creative process engages the senses more fully, with richer and more focused awareness. In art practice we can become transcendence, one with all beings and our world. (Dianne Bersea)

Dianne Bersea - From the Teaching category:

As an art teacher, I am inclined to use the word 'beautiful' rather freely because it astounds me what my students produce. There are mini miracles in every painting and if attention is not brought to the successes, a student has nothing to build on. (Dianne Bersea)

Dianne Bersea - From the Technology category:

It takes a lot of practice and experimentation to rise above a computer program's built-in logic, someone else's creative mind-set. But it's not dissimilar to the use of any other tool. (Dianne Bersea)