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Daniela Andersen Quotes

Quotes by Daniela Andersen - (5 quotes)

Daniela Andersen - From the Art category:

Clever does not equate art. (Daniela Andersen)

Daniela Andersen - From the Beginning category:

Take us back to the beginning again... (Daniela Andersen)

Daniela Andersen - From the Health category:

It turns out I was my own art therapist all along... that deep emotional churning that takes place when you feel powerless to change some things in your life, and you pick up a brush or a pencil and the focus transcends like a meditation... (Daniela Andersen)

Daniela Andersen - From the Nudes category:

Why do female nudes always have to look downtrodden? Is it because artists of the past could only find prostitutes to take their kit off, and they were naturally jaded and despondent... ? (Daniela Andersen)

Daniela Andersen - From the Practice category:

It is the hours, the tenacity, the work, the hanging in and doing again and again just to understand some technique. (Daniela Andersen)