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Jackie Knott Quotes

Quotes by Jackie Knott - (25 quotes)

Jackie Knott - From the Aging category:

I love old people... They don't care. They dress as they please, eat what they want, and are indifferent to reaction when they say what we wish we had the guts to say. They found themselves decades ago... (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Artists category:

We dream, we solve problems, and we seek: art is not just a life vocation for the truly driven but can be an enjoyable pastime for others. How is that not positive? (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Commerce category:

Marketing is the great void of training in all our art education... The most curiously profitable relationship for me was, I found an advocate... a one-person dynamo in a small town who happened to love art and found someone to champion: myself and my work. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Criticism category:

When you finally find yourself it is a marvelous thing - no amount of criticism or rejection will mean anything. You can grin at negative evaluation of your work because only you know what you are trying to accomplish.... No one determines your success but you alone. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Discipline category:

We artists tend to be lone wolves in our work. No one tells us to go to the studio. We just go... The work itself is a quiet pursuit, alone in the studio or on site... And that takes discipline. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Drawing category:

There are some vocations in life one can fake but draftmanship in an artist isn't one of them. Albrecht Durer comes to mind... it is a fine thing to see a well done drawing executed with painstaking care. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Edges category:

I work in oils and like to take a dry brush, wet it slightly with medium, and draw the brush lightly and equally over the hard edge. It softens the line to where it isn't distracting. Applying more pressure in some areas and less in others gives a thinner or thicker break, which is more interesting than a uniform line. Be sure to have enough paint on the canvas so you don't 'lift' the paint off. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Education category:

College is absolutely necessary for many professions. It is a fine thing for general knowledge for an artist but don't expect to perfect your craft; that will take a lifetime. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Failure category:

Life is full of missteps, personally and professionally. The important thing is to recognize it, learn from it and regroup. Then move on. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Fire category:

Entertain the idea, reflect upon it, add fuel to that tiniest of flames, and it will become a wonderfully robust fire. But you must begin by recognizing that fleeting thought is indeed a spark that holds potential to develop into a flame. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Humility category:

Keep your self-criticism to yourself. Humility at the low end will never garner interest. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Humour category:

A little humor can temper the most cheeky bragging...'Man, that guy was good! I've never seen such a backhand. He fired that ball like a bullet... You know, he almost beat me?!' Quietly stating a point of truth isn't bragging and delivery is everything. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Nature category:

'Ready-mades' surround us in nature. Beauty, symmetry, and proportion are everywhere, usually pretty close to home. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Passion category:

Passion is that thing that so overrides reason we cannot lay it aside regardless of the forces that would kill it. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Plein-Air category:

Every time I see a painter go to extremes to capture the beauty of winter scenes, I tip my hat. Painting in the snow with jackets and gloves? Geez... sure glad I live in south Texas. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Portraiture category:

As varied as my art interests are, I always come back to portraits. It is a fine thing to give a family a lasting tribute to a loved one. It is equally gratifying to honor a person of accomplishment with a corporate or military commission. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Questions category:

Nothing is more frustrating than not having an answer to the question. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Rejection category:

Rejection is part of the job description for anyone in the arts... one must have a sense of purpose... of where you want to go with your art, and no one decides that but you. Seek relevance instead of approval. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Selling category:

How many dispair of not selling themselves enough? ...if you don't think your work is good neither will anyone else. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Selling category:

The meek may inherit the earth but a reserved personality rarely sells a painting. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Spectator category:

Viewers do not know your mindset: only the painting in front of them. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Teaching category:

Great teachers leave students with lasting impressions, not crushed ambition. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Time category:

In the context of time, an artist may be seen as a force starting a movement, a flash that died quickly, or just some guy trying to pay his mortgage. Time is usually kinder to Presidents, economists, historians, and revolutionaries. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Time category:

You cannot be in the here and now by hurrying. Driving too fast, walking as quickly as you can to an appointment, allocating minutes for things. Life is appreciated more in the pauses. (Jackie Knott)

Jackie Knott - From the Workshops category:

Formal group workshops are one thing and one-on-one instruction is another. A 'teacher' is only required to know more about a specific subject than the person being taught, not to be a world renowned master. (Jackie Knott)