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Nisla Quotes

Quotes by Nisla - (7 quotes)

Nisla - From the Contentment category:

One of the most comforting moments is when you realize that you can find solace within yourself. (Nisla)

Nisla - From the Models category:

Five minute poses are always more dynamic and have such a great energy to them. (Nisla)

Nisla - From the Movement category:

Trying to capture the beauty of movement is a lofty and elusive endeavor... The biggest feat... is to take the medium of dance, which is so dynamic in nature, and relay that in the static medium of painting. (Nisla)

Nisla - From the Passion category:

Tapping into your passion is the most wonderful way of spending life. (Nisla)

Nisla - From the Peace category:

Tranquility, that freedom from commotion. Peace. What a lovely frame of mind to tap into. (Nisla)

Nisla - From the Spirituality category:

Spiritual awakening is a private jouney. It happens in degrees. (Nisla)

Nisla - From the Unknowns category:

Whatever the precipice may be, it usually feels like the edge of the world. The unknown is a powerful force, scary and yet very compelling. (Nisla)