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Jacob Collins Quotes

Quotes by Jacob Collins - (8 quotes)

Jacob Collins - From the Drawing category:

There are many ways to draw beautifully. It's important to let the drawing be an investigation and sometimes, in order to investigate, you need to go off the path. (Jacob Collins)

Jacob Collins - From the Finishing category:

Finishing is torture... There's always some newly seen flaw. But the little glimpses of beauty between the anxiety make it worth it. (Jacob Collins)

Jacob Collins - From the Form category:

Look into his torso and find a new form, another shape to draw. Something outside your symbol set. (Jacob Collins)

Jacob Collins - From the Nudes category:

Painting figures is the hardest, certainly the most taxing genre, and you have to be the most on your game. If you have significant drawing problems, the figure will fall apart and it will read wrong emotionally. (Jacob Collins)

Jacob Collins - From the Photography category:

The over-reliance on photography holds so many artists back. (Jacob Collins)

Jacob Collins - From the Studio category:

I spend so much time in my studio, which can be very dark, so it can begin to feel as if I'm a mole underground. (Jacob Collins)

Jacob Collins - From the Subject category:

I love painting still lifes because there's a feeling of musical, flowing experience. The drawing doesn't matter as much - what you're really after is a feeling of clarity and beauty. (Jacob Collins)

Jacob Collins - From the Tradition category:

You can't go back. I know that. But you can look back. (Jacob Collins)