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Adam Gopnik Quotes

Quotes by Adam Gopnik - (7 quotes)

Adam Gopnik - From the Competence category:

Whatever sense of professional competence we feel in adult life is less the sum of accomplishment than the absence of impossibility: it's really our relief at no longer having to do things we were never any good at doing in the first place... (Adam Gopnik)

Adam Gopnik - From the Critics category:

For all the years I'd spent talking about pictures, the truth was that I had no idea how to draw or what it felt like to do it. I would mistrust a poetry critic who couldn't produce a rhyming couplet. Could one write about art without knowing how to draw? (Adam Gopnik)

Adam Gopnik - From the Drawing category:

Lose your schematic conventions by finding some surprising symbol or shape in the welter of shades, and draw that. (Adam Gopnik)

Adam Gopnik - From the Education category:

Nothing in a graduate degree in art history prepares you for the eloquence of the eraser. (Adam Gopnik)

Adam Gopnik - From the Faith category:

Art without accomplishment becomes a form of faith, sustained more by the intensity of its common practice than by the pleasure it gives to its adherents in private. (Adam Gopnik)

Adam Gopnik - From the Risk category:

Drawing is one of those things which sit on the uneasy bending line between instinct and instruction, where seeming perversity eventually trumps pleasure as the card players and the kibitzers interact and new thrills are sought. (Adam Gopnik)

Adam Gopnik - From the Skill category:

Drawing need not be the bones of art, but skill must always be the skeleton of accomplishment. (Adam Gopnik)