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Roger Cummiskey Quotes

Quotes by Roger Cummiskey - (3 quotes)

Roger Cummiskey - From the Pricing category:

Patrons certainly expect to pay less when they buy directly from the Artist rather than from a Gallery with all of its attendant extra costs. This of course tends to upset the Gallery owners... (Roger Cummiskey)

Roger Cummiskey - From the Selling category:

People buy because they are sold--either by someone else or themselves. They buy because they want to enhance their lives. Because what they see reminds them of something. Because there's a story behind the art or the artist. Because they want to get rid of money - sometimes lots of it. (Roger Cummiskey)

Roger Cummiskey - From the Teaching category:

Many art teachers talk a good game but are unable to perform on the pitch!...Being a painter/artist is a full time job that demands all one's efforts and concentration. (Roger Cummiskey)