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Judy Singer Quotes

Quotes by Judy Singer - (4 quotes)

Judy Singer - From the Gender category:

I have found the medium of paint to be genderless. Nevertheless, men continue to dominate the art world and, in my opinion, feminine sensibility and imagery is still struggling to find its place in our accustomed way of looking at all art; an art made primarily by men. (Judy Singer)

Judy Singer - From the Pricing category:

Pricing has nothing to do with quality, skill, supply or demand. It has to do with marketing and with what wealthy collectors perceive to be return on investment. (Judy Singer)

Judy Singer - From the Signatures category:

A signature on one of my stained, gently nuanced paintings is visually jarring. (Judy Singer)

Judy Singer - From the Understanding category:

It takes years of work and great effort to understand and be fluent in a medium and this holds true for both the creator and the observer. (Judy Singer)