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Joel Haas Quotes

Quotes by Joel Haas - (7 quotes)

Joel Haas - From the Artists category:

I just make stuff that transports me to a happier place where I can hum and whistle. Art can do that. (Joel Haas)

Joel Haas - From the Excellence category:

Master a craft or medium completely as possible and you will be able to say anything you want with that medium. (Joel Haas)

Joel Haas - From the Habit category:

Quit smoking. You'll save an extra hour a day of work in the studio. (Joel Haas)

Joel Haas - From the Ideas category:

Draw or write for 30 minutes a day - you have no idea how many good ideas you will forget otherwise. (Joel Haas)

Joel Haas - From the Meaning category:

Some people have asked me if there is any serious or deep meaning to my work. I say, 'I hope not. There're already enough serious and deep meanings in the world to keep thousands of art critics busy.' (Joel Haas)

Joel Haas - From the Profession category:

I have learned to insist upon myself. I am not 'going to suddenly come to my senses and get a real job.' (Joel Haas)

Joel Haas - From the Silence category:

If you talk about doing a thing, well meaning people will tell you all the sound reasons why you're wrong and probably should not do it. (Joel Haas)