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Daniel J. Keys Quotes

Quotes by Daniel J. Keys - (13 quotes)

Daniel J. Keys - From the Artists category:

As artists, it is essential that we be constantly expanding our minds, especially where our creative skills are concerned. (Daniel J. Keys)

Daniel J. Keys - From the Books category:

One of my favorite things to do is read. Just put a good cup of coffee in my hand, dump me off at Barnes & Noble, and I'm the happiest guy in the world. (Daniel J. Keys)

Daniel J. Keys - From the Design category:

A good design for a painting means nothing unless you have the knowledge and skill it takes to execute it in a way that will satisfy you. (Daniel J. Keys)

Daniel J. Keys - From the Excellence category:

Whether you're already an accomplished painter or just beginning on your path to artistic excellence, there is always more to learn, and higher levels of perfection to aim for. (Daniel J. Keys)

Daniel J. Keys - From the Future category:

Representational art will move forward with momentum into the future. (Daniel J. Keys)

Daniel J. Keys - From the Growth category:

We should always be improving and growing, and there are several ways of doing this. One way in particular stands out to me, mostly because it is so often underestimated, and therefore over looked: Studying good art. (Daniel J. Keys)

Daniel J. Keys - From the Influence category:

The art that we spend the greatest amount of time screening, will most influence the decisions we make while painting... (Daniel J. Keys)

Daniel J. Keys - From the Information category:

When studying art, such as a painting, our minds store the information gathered while viewing the piece, and the longer we look at it, the more we'll see. (Daniel J. Keys)

Daniel J. Keys - From the Knowledge category:

The more we all know, the better we collectively become... (Daniel J. Keys)

Daniel J. Keys - From the Masters category:

Accomplished artists are those who have proved themselves to be the best at what they do. 'Master' is the title often given to such a person, and rightly so: They've established themselves as worthy of the title through many years of study, and devotion of their lives to their craft. (Daniel J. Keys)

Daniel J. Keys - From the Observation category:

Through careful observation of masterpieces, I can learn to 'hone in' on my own painting skills, and benefit from what the artist has already tried and proved in their own work. (Daniel J. Keys)

Daniel J. Keys - From the Questions category:

Some questions to ask yourself when viewing a piece of art: What is the artist trying to say? What is the focal point of the composition? What techniques have been used by the artist to create the specific look of the painting? How would I have painted this piece? What use of drawing, value, color, and edges has the artist made? (Daniel J. Keys)

Daniel J. Keys - From the Seeing category:

Your eyes are like gates, and images can be used to enter into your thinking. (Daniel J. Keys)