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Cesar Girolamo Quotes

Quotes by Cesar Girolamo - (5 quotes)

Cesar Girolamo - From the Keys category:

Strokes are indeed the sensual emissions of the creative artist. Good strokes and the persistent making of good strokes are the key to productivity. (Cesar Girolamo)

Cesar Girolamo - From the Pets category:

The city of Paris employs a team of specially trained workers to clean up more than 20 tons of dog deposits per day. Something similar happens in Rome. Dog population in the USA has grown to 65 million, up from 55 million ten years ago. Now it seems we want to honour them in art galleries. Enough is enough. (Cesar Girolamo)

Cesar Girolamo - From the Questions category:

Why when I plan so much and divide my tasks every which way in order to head off potential problems which may come along later do I quite often but often consistently do work that ends up looking like chop sui? (Cesar Girolamo)

Cesar Girolamo - From the Risk category:

Painting is made of a lot of little risks that pale in comparison to what real courage is all about. (Cesar Girolamo)

Cesar Girolamo - From the Uniqueness category:

Within the strokes of various artists we see the reason they are able to keep at it - their strokes are unique and this fact makes them feel unique. (Cesar Girolamo)