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Les Ducak Quotes

Quotes by Les Ducak - (7 quotes)

Les Ducak - From the Deception category:

If the quote of Picasso is true, does a better liar make a better artist? (Les Ducak)

Les Ducak - From the Fame category:

The very need to be 'famous' tells me there is a flaw in character. Gauguin may be a revolutionary in art, but a master he was not. (Les Ducak)

Les Ducak - From the Pets category:

It's about time the animals stop freeloading and earn their keep. At what age do you put the pet to 'work'? If too young, you may be accused of exploitation of the 'minor.' Then the PETA can get involved and lawyers will be waiting in the wings. (Les Ducak)

Les Ducak - From the Plein-Air category:

A sitting place should be examined first, lest it turns out to be an anthill. (Les Ducak)

Les Ducak - From the Standards category:

Why are there so few voices against 'the dark, grotesque, ordinary and totally unskilled art'? Perhaps we have become victims of loud voices screaming for all-inclusiveness. (Les Ducak)

Les Ducak - From the Success category:

The idea of instant gratification has permeated art and made it inferior. There is no shortcut to successful art. (Les Ducak)

Les Ducak - From the Teaching category:

It is not in my power to hasten and speed up the development of my students. I can give them information and techniques, but not maturity and experience. (Les Ducak)