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Tricia Migdoll Quotes

Quotes by Tricia Migdoll - (3 quotes)

Tricia Migdoll - From the Ego category:

Is it enough to just love every brush stroke... paint for the love of it and not for the viewer or the dollar to be earned. It is so difficult to keep the ego out of it. (Tricia Migdoll)

Tricia Migdoll - From the Painting category:

Painting is the most joyous, rewarding, self-forgetting, spiritually enhancing thing I have ever done. If I had enough dollars, I would just paint, and paint and paint, and not care a hoot if I sold one or not. (Tricia Migdoll)

Tricia Migdoll - From the Pets category:

The Zoroastrians (Parsees) believe that a dog's company purifies thoughts and atmosphere. That is why Zoroastrians have the custom of bringing a dog to see the corpse when someone is dead before disposal of the body. The dog purifies the sanskaras (karma). (Tricia Migdoll)