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Dr. Stanley Coren Quotes

Quotes by Dr. Stanley Coren - (2 quotes)

Dr. Stanley Coren - From the Pets category:

I had a dream shortly after my old cairn terrier, Flint, died. In it Flint was lying beside the gates of Heaven, and an angel came out to ask him why he didn't come in. In the telepathic speech common to celestial beings, my dog answered, 'Can't I just stay out here awhile? I'll be good and I won't even bark. You see, I'm waiting for someone that I miss very much. If I went in alone, it wouldn't be Heaven for me.' I woke from that dream to to find tears on my face. (Dr. Stanley Coren)

Dr. Stanley Coren - From the Pets category:

Just like humans, dogs dream about the activities which they are most familiar with and things that have gone on in the previous day. (Dr. Stanley Coren)