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Diana Trilling Quotes

Quotes by Diana Trilling - (7 quotes)

Diana Trilling - From the Destiny category:

There's much to be said for challenging fate instead of ducking behind it. (Diana Trilling)

Diana Trilling - From the Drunkenness category:

Unrecognized alcoholism is the ruling pathology among writers and intellectuals. (Diana Trilling)

Diana Trilling - From the Education category:

Touch a university with hostile hands and the blood you draw is prompt, copious, and real. (Diana Trilling)

Diana Trilling - From the Gender category:

From Lionel [her husband], I learned not only what to read but also how to think about what I read. He gave me a literary and critical vocabulary and prepared the path to what eventually became my career. (Diana Trilling)

Diana Trilling - From the Intellect category:

My career as a critic still lay in the future but unconsciously I may have been preparing for it. They were not easy companions, these intellectuals I was now getting to know. They were overbearing and arrogant, excessively competitive; they lacked magnanimity and often they lacked common courtesy. But they were intellectually energetic and - this particularly attracted me - they were proof against cant. (Diana Trilling)

Diana Trilling - From the Pleasure category:

Pleasure was not the principle of our home. I learned early in life that to laugh before breakfast was to cry before dinner. (Diana Trilling)

Diana Trilling - From the Writing category:

Writers are what they write, also what they fail to write. (Diana Trilling)