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Amy Chua Quotes

Quotes by Amy Chua - (11 quotes)

Amy Chua - From the Children category:

- Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother...
Western parents worry a lot about their children's self-esteem. But as a parent, one of the worst things you can do for your child's self-esteem is to let them give up. (Amy Chua)

Amy Chua - From the Confidence category:

There's nothing better for building confidence than learning you can do something you thought you couldn't. (Amy Chua)

Amy Chua - From the Fun category:

Nothing is fun until you're good at it. (Amy Chua)

Amy Chua - From the Joy category:

The truth is I'm not good at enjoying life. (Amy Chua)

Amy Chua - From the Love category:

But just because you love something, I added to myself, doesn't mean you'll ever be great. Not if you don't work. Most people stink at the things they love. (Amy Chua)

Amy Chua - From the Pets category:

My dogs can't do anything - and what a relief. I don't make any demands of them, and I don't try to shape them or their future. For the most part, I trust them to make the right choices for themselves. I always look forward to seeing them, and I love just watching them sleep. What a great relationship. (Amy Chua)

Amy Chua - From the Practice category:

Tenacious practice, practice, practice is crucial for excellence; rote repetition is underrated in America. (Amy Chua)

Amy Chua - From the Practice category:

Every day that you don't practice is a day you're getting worse. (Amy Chua)

Amy Chua - From the Sleep category:

As a purely mathematical fact, people who sleep less live more. (Amy Chua)

Amy Chua - From the Winning category:

-Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother...
At the Winner's concert where Sophia performed, as I watched her deft fingers fluttering and tumbling up and down the piano like real butterfly wings, I was overcome with pride, exhilaration, and hope. I couldn't wait for the next day, to work more with Sophia, and to learn more music together. (Amy Chua)

Amy Chua - From the Worth category:

Everything I've ever done that's valuable is something I was afraid to try. (Amy Chua)