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Phil Cousineau Quotes

Quotes by Phil Cousineau - (7 quotes)

Phil Cousineau - From the Construction category:

'Step by step, a path; stone by stone, a cathedral,' my great-grandfather used to say. (Phil Cousineau)

Phil Cousineau - From the Creativity category:

The creative urge matters. Stories matter. Images matter. It matters that you were born with a genius, a guiding spirit, a daimon that may know more about your destiny than you do. (Phil Cousineau)

Phil Cousineau - From the Fire category:

- Stoking the Creative Fires...
But what if your fire is not burning well or, worse, has gone out? Without inner fire, you have no light, no heat, no desire... there's only one way out - and that's through the dark woods. You must change your life. (Phil Cousineau)

Phil Cousineau - From the Inspiration category:

-Stoking the Creative Fires...
Inspiration is a message-in-a-bottle from the distant shore, a window into the other world, a tap of the muse's finger, the grace of the gods. It comes when you least expect it... (Phil Cousineau)

Phil Cousineau - From the Journey category:

Imagine the wheel of time turning in a seemingly endless round, revealing that the beginning is the end of another beginning. This is the cyclic nature of the inward journey of creativity, which is by nature back and down - back in time and down into the soul's depths. (Phil Cousineau)

Phil Cousineau - From the Questions category:

Are you up to the challenge? Are you going to be a reproduction or an original? Will you strive to be innovative or imitative? Are you ready to take your turn on the page, turn up the heat, turn it on? (Phil Cousineau)

Phil Cousineau - From the Words category:

Who knows why some words ignite the hearts of some readers while others are like wet matches that won't light. (Phil Cousineau)