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Peter Sims Quotes

Quotes by Peter Sims - (7 quotes)

Peter Sims - From the Change category:

Change happens in small, achievable ways. (Peter Sims)

Peter Sims - From the Creativity category:

To be creative requires willingness to be misunderstood, sometimes for long periods of time, despite conventional wisdom. (Peter Sims)

Peter Sims - From the Design category:

Design thinking provides a set of creative methodologies for solving problems and generating ideas that is based on building up solutions, rather than starting with the answer. (Peter Sims)

Peter Sims - From the Discovery category:

Invention and discovery emanate from being able to try seemingly wild possibilities and work in the unknown; to be comfortable being wrong before being right; to live in the world as a keen observer, with an openness to experiences and ideas... (Peter Sims)

Peter Sims - From the Life category:

Life is an experiment where failure teaches as much as success. (Peter Sims)

Peter Sims - From the Problems category:

But what happens when we don't even know what problems we're trying to solve? In those kinds of situations, engaging in a process of discovery and making little bets complements more linear, procedural thinking. (Peter Sims)

Peter Sims - From the Risk category:

We live in uncertain and rapidly changing times that can make us risk-averse, prone to getting stuck. Little bets provide an antidote... a way to see what's around the next corner... (Peter Sims)