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George Seaton Quotes

Quotes by George Seaton - (7 quotes)

George Seaton - From the Business category:

We'll be known as the helpful store. The friendly store, the store with a heart. The store that places public service ahead of profit. And, consequently, we'll make more profits then ever before. (George Seaton)

George Seaton - From the Commerce category:

There's a lot of bad isms floating around this world, but one of the worst is commercialism. (George Seaton)

George Seaton - From the Faith category:

Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to. (George Seaton)

George Seaton - From the Generosity category:

Guys who dress up like Santa Claus, see, and give presents away do it because when they was young they must have did something bad and they feel guilty about it. So now they do something they think is good to make up for it, see? (George Seaton)

George Seaton - From the Imagination category:

The imagination is a place all by itself. A separate country. Now, you've heard of the French nation, the British nation. Well, this is the Imagi-nation. It's a wonderful place. (George Seaton)

George Seaton - From the Politics category:

You go back and tell them that the New York State Supreme Court rules there's no Santa Claus. It's all over the papers. The kids read it and they don't hang up their stockings. Now what happens to all the toys that are supposed to be in those stockings? Nobody buys them. The toy manufacturers are going to like that. So they have to lay off a lot of their employees.... and they're going to adore you for it. And they're gonna say it with votes. (George Seaton)

George Seaton - From the Writing category:

I wish I were one of those terribly clever people who, when they write their autobiographies, always say, when I was fifteen months old I distinctly remember my Aunt Fanny saying to me, etc. (George Seaton)