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Murray Phillips Quotes

Quotes by Murray Phillips - (5 quotes)

Murray Phillips - From the Communication category:

There is in my soul an intense urgency to paint, as if something terribly important needs to be communicated, and I can only say it with brush and canvas. Sometimes the soul's only instruments are brush, canvas, and paint. (Murray Phillips)

Murray Phillips - From the Listening category:

The wilderness has profound lessons for us if we will make the effort to slow our pace and be silent and listen; just go into the wilderness and start to listen. (Murray Phillips)

Murray Phillips - From the Nature category:

We are losing the wilderness not primarily through pollution or over population but... because of disinterest and neglect. We simply are unaware of what a treasure this is, and we have little interest or knowledge of the wilderness and its inhabitants. (Murray Phillips)

Murray Phillips - From the Painting category:

When I start a painting I am starting a dialogue, so the work I do is the first half of a conversation. The conversation is finished, unknowingly, when the viewer adds his life experiences and filters the image through his unconscious. Then the conversation can be completed. (Murray Phillips)

Murray Phillips - From the Studio category:

My home is the Canadian wilderness which is the main topic of my art. My studio is the open spaces where my art is born. (Murray Phillips)