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Eric Frantz Quotes

Quotes by Eric Frantz - (10 quotes)

Eric Frantz - From the Colour category:

My emotions are seriously stirred and twisted, but I will not let the dark void pull me in... the colors will show me the way... (Eric Frantz)

Eric Frantz - From the Culture category:

In an impatient, disposable culture, care and quality are overlooked for drive-through speed... the multitaskers shall inherit the earth... (Eric Frantz)

Eric Frantz - From the Drunkenness category:

So many vibrant colors, so many new ideas, so many paintings in my head - intoxicating thoughts and visions... (Eric Frantz)

Eric Frantz - From the Insecurity category:

Insecurities, fears & worries - still have them, but if they really bothered me I would have quit years ago... they keep me humble and supportive of others who may feel the same. (Eric Frantz)

Eric Frantz - From the Joy category:

When money/pride/envy are taken out of the creative process we can be children again - enjoyment/learning/self-expression are always first on my list... I do this only for me and my sanity. (Eric Frantz)

Eric Frantz - From the Listening category:

Sometimes at night I hear the words of the great masters in my head, and sometimes all I hear are the trash trucks and banging cans in the empty city streets... (Eric Frantz)

Eric Frantz - From the Materials category:

Paints are a pushy, wild bunch... no damn manners... (Eric Frantz)

Eric Frantz - From the Painting category:

As I wash the paint from my aching hands, there are changes in my soul, each vibrant color spiraling down the drain contains spent emotions, needless worries and bad decisions... sometimes it doesn't come off easily... (Eric Frantz)

Eric Frantz - From the Passion category:

Sometimes there are rare golden moments, moments of bliss and dreamlike poetry... That's what gives me my passion and the fuel I need to continue moving paint across a fresh, waiting canvas. (Eric Frantz)

Eric Frantz - From the Rules category:

Rules of color, perspective and composition don't have much importance in my work... expressed are the emotions I feel in myself, my subjects and the lucid dreams I experience while pulled deep inside a canvas... (Eric Frantz)