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Thomas Kinkade Quotes

Quotes by Thomas Kinkade - (7 quotes)

Thomas Kinkade - From the Artists category:

The concept that an artist would be revered by popular culture is an immediate dismissal of his relevance as an artist. (Thomas Kinkade)

Thomas Kinkade - From the Business category:

The worlds I paint leave a lot to engage the imagination by hinting at what lies beyond the four edges of the painting. I think getting beyond the four edges of an opportunity or challenge is one of the basic skills you need in business. (Thomas Kinkade)

Thomas Kinkade - From the Commerce category:

There's been million-seller books and million-seller CDs. But there hasn't been, until now, million-seller art. (Thomas Kinkade)

Thomas Kinkade - From the Finishing category:

It is easy to have a lot of paintings or projects hanging around that are 'almost done.' (Thomas Kinkade)

Thomas Kinkade - From the Information category:

I think the art world... is a very small pond, and it's a very inbred pond. They rely on information from an elect elite sect of galleries, primarily in New York. (Thomas Kinkade)

Thomas Kinkade - From the Prayer category:

Rather than set aside daily time for prayer, I pray constantly and spontaneously about everything I encounter on a daily basis. When someone shares something with me, I'll often simply say, 'Let's pray about this right now.' (Thomas Kinkade)

Thomas Kinkade - From the Success category:

Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them. (Thomas Kinkade)