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Vivian Sathre Quotes

Quotes by Vivian Sathre - (5 quotes)

Vivian Sathre - From the Criticism category:

Know where you're headed with your work. Otherwise your vision and voice might get drowned out by all the other voices that will send you in too many different directions. (Vivian Sathre)

Vivian Sathre - From the Failure category:

I never look at a bad painting as a failure or a waste of paper. I look at it as a learning experience. (Vivian Sathre)

Vivian Sathre - From the Friendship category:

A kind, new neighbor suggested I sign up for a watercolor class with her as a way to make new friends. Right away I was hooked on painting. After a couple trips to the art supply store I realized I could have bought friends for a lot less money. But then, that wouldn't have been nearly so much fun. (Vivian Sathre)

Vivian Sathre - From the Frustration category:

If you use student-grade watercolor paints and paper, chances are high your work will show it and you will be so frustrated with the medium your hair will be in your hands instead of on your head. (Vivian Sathre)

Vivian Sathre - From the Watercolours category:

Sometimes that 'final touch' is better left on the end of your brush. (Vivian Sathre)