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Cornelis Le Mair Quotes

Quotes by Cornelis Le Mair - (4 quotes)

Cornelis Le Mair - From the Abstraction category:

Abstraction is the expression of a trend, not the upshot of a process of artistic or intellectual contemplation around the crucial impact of photography. (Cornelis Le Mair)

Cornelis Le Mair - From the Colour category:

A superb membrane of paint is a feast for the eye... applying the colours in transparent layers on an underpainting rather than mixing wet colours. (Cornelis Le Mair)

Cornelis Le Mair - From the Photography category:

It is amazing that many people should repudiate the application of photography in the art of painting. Apparently they are unaware of the fact that ever since the development of photography many a visual artist has eagerly availed himself of this marvellous invention. (Cornelis Le Mair)

Cornelis Le Mair - From the Technique category:

People often think that technical perfection has something to do with fine painting... Rembrandt, whose technique fascinated all great masters after a time, was said to have painted with a tarbrush. So he was not exactly a fine painter. (Cornelis Le Mair)