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Eugene J. Martin Quotes

Quotes by Eugene J. Martin - (5 quotes)

Eugene J. Martin - From the Abstraction category:

There are opposing forces in all living things. My work reflects this and stirs up a contrast of emotions in the viewer... perception versus annoyance. To the viewer who has reached that level of awareness, my work is no longer abstract, but very real. (Eugene J. Martin)

Eugene J. Martin - From the Deception category:

The bird of truth would not be able to fly if it weren't for the air of lies we breathe. (Eugene J. Martin)

Eugene J. Martin - From the Journey category:

While traveling our separated roads through life, we are also either road signs or potholes on the roads of others. (Eugene J. Martin)

Eugene J. Martin - From the Questions category:

Can someone eat the fruit that comes from the tree of action that grows from the seeds of your mind? (Eugene J. Martin)

Eugene J. Martin - From the Truth category:

If you seek just a little truth, as most, you should not ignore abstract forms, the basis from which all short-lived experiences we call reality springs. (Eugene J. Martin)