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Terry Allen Quotes

Quotes by Terry Allen - (5 quotes)

Terry Allen - From the Art category:

Public Art is for the birds. (Terry Allen)

Terry Allen - From the Communication category:

Talking about Art is like trying to French kiss over the telephone. (Terry Allen)

Terry Allen - From the Critics category:

A Truckload of Art is burning near the highway and it's raging far-out of control / And what the critics have cheered is now shattered and queered and their noble reviews have been stewed on the road. (Terry Allen)

Terry Allen - From the Exhibitions category:

Some say it's pathetic when you give up your aesthetic / For a blue collar job in the factory / But all that exhibiting was just too damn inhibiting / For a beer drinking - regular guy... like me. (Terry Allen)

Terry Allen - From the Health category:

No one with access to a convertible, an empty highway and a good radio station should ever need a psychiatrist. (Terry Allen)