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Ian Pearson, futurologist Quotes

Quotes by Ian Pearson, futurologist - (3 quotes)

Ian Pearson, futurologist - From the Fashion category:

At the moment you choose which clothes you want to wear and you look the same to everyone. But there's some people out there for whom you would like them to see you in a different way. You will be able present yourself in different ways to different people using this digital fashion concept. (Ian Pearson, futurologist)

Ian Pearson, futurologist - From the Future category:

Trying to see the future is like driving a car through fog. You can't see a very clear picture of what is ahead, and sometimes you will misinterpret an apparent shape in the distance, but few of us would drive through fog without bothering to look out the window. Blurred vision is a lot better than none at all! (Ian Pearson, futurologist)

Ian Pearson, futurologist - From the Technology category:

By mid-century, computers will be linked directly into our nervous systems via nanotechnology, which is so small it could connect to every neuron in our brains. By about 2040, there will be a backup of our brains in a computer somewhere, so that when you die it won't be a major career problem. (Ian Pearson, futurologist)