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Edward Betts Quotes

Quotes by Edward Betts - (4 quotes)

Edward Betts - From the Importance category:

Time is not important, but art is. (Edward Betts)

Edward Betts - From the Obsession category:

The best painting comes out of compulsions and obsessions, out of deep love or hate, out of intellectual or emotional involvement with something that lies outside the painting itself. (Edward Betts)

Edward Betts - From the Painting category:

Many contemporary painters feel that their landscapes come from within and are brought to the surface and given form as a result of various stimuli. The artist's internal world is waiting to be evoked by whatever means the artist finds most productive, and... this world is just as important as the outer, visible world. (Edward Betts)

Edward Betts - From the Possibilities category:

It is quite possible that the truest and most eloquent art is a successful fusion of both the visible and visionary worlds, each enhancing and reinforcing the other. (Edward Betts)