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Alton S. Tobey Quotes

Quotes by Alton S. Tobey - (10 quotes)

Alton S. Tobey - From the Art category:

Art is the lens through which I experience the world. Art is the medium to present the human condition... love, fear, bewilderment, pleasure, distaste, brotherhood and all the subtleties that we all know... (Alton S. Tobey)

Alton S. Tobey - From the Exhaustion category:

I can be so involved that I am no longer conscious of my needs or even of any pains. But there also have been many times when I felt the exhaustion - when it was physically painful, but I just couldn't stop. (Alton S. Tobey)

Alton S. Tobey - From the Finishing category:

I simply could not stop - I had to finish it. (Alton S. Tobey)

Alton S. Tobey - From the Life category:

Every canvas that can awaken us more exquisitely and accurately to the infinite and various surface of our experience does that much to sharpen life, and thereby render it more alive. (Alton S. Tobey)

Alton S. Tobey - From the Music category:

There is a kinship between music and painting - with the same words used to describe both, as when a musical composition is said to have color and a painting to have rhythm. (Alton S. Tobey)

Alton S. Tobey - From the Obsession category:

I have, at times, been absorbed in my work to the point of complete self-oblivion. Once I worked for thirty-six hours without a break - to complete exhaustion; and while I was in the middle of it I didn't even notice. (Alton S. Tobey)

Alton S. Tobey - From the Portraiture category:

Every single person is unlike anyone else. Therefore, in creating a portrait of someone... we must look carefully to catch that particular unique quality. In fact, we can neglect nothing because everything we select or do sends a message to the observer... (Alton S. Tobey)

Alton S. Tobey - From the Profession category:

My art career actually began under the kitchen table. My mother wanted to get me out of her hair while she cooked, so she laid out some paper and pencils on the floor under the kitchen table. (Alton S. Tobey)

Alton S. Tobey - From the Realism category:

It is the special privilege of the fine artist to reveal immediate data with a clarity, intensity and purity that promotes them to a special degree of reality. (Alton S. Tobey)

Alton S. Tobey - From the Senses category:

In the Fragments, sensations are more profound and richly clarified through deliberate and explicit pattern; emotions are given a sequence and development such as the exigencies of practical life rarely permit. (Alton S. Tobey)