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Gary Holland Quotes

Quotes by Gary Holland - (8 quotes)

Gary Holland - From the Art category:

Art is about communication. Art that lasts through the ages works symbolically. It triggers feelings and experiences that we've all had. (Gary Holland)

Gary Holland - From the Children category:

Every child is a deliberate, passionate creation of God. If you doubt that, just look into their eyes. You will find a gentle little spirit who hungers for life - and for your love. (Gary Holland)

Gary Holland - From the Commitment category:

I wake up every morning excited. Rather than become complacent or overwhelmed, I've made a choice for life - and I can do something about it. (Gary Holland)

Gary Holland - From the Communication category:

Creating art alone doesn't seem to fill us up, in my opinion, until we begin to truly communicate with it. (Gary Holland)

Gary Holland - From the Exhibitions category:

It's not our art, but our heart that's on display. (Gary Holland)

Gary Holland - From the Life category:

I've come out of seeing death and chosen to focus on the life that's sprouting everywhere, like flowers. And I want to help feed the flowers. (Gary Holland)

Gary Holland - From the Power category:

I endeavor to trigger positive, empowering, life-giving emotion - I believe art is that powerful. (Gary Holland)

Gary Holland - From the Shock category:

The current fad in art, is to shock people or appear 'different'... My goal is to help people find the rays of sunshine in an often dark world. (Gary Holland)