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Kevin Obregon Quotes

Quotes by Kevin Obregon - (3 quotes)

Kevin Obregon - From the Artists category:

Artists who dare to remain are at the helm of their own vessel, both steering and standing at the very bow where calm waters are broken and clarity is at its most pristine. We are the wake-makers. While we're making waves, they're surfing our chop. (Kevin Obregon)

Kevin Obregon - From the Business category:

We keep getting up earlier and earlier to get our day started, what with so much computer work necessary in keeping our small art business website interesting, tracking a rough-hewn PR campaign, e-mailing and phone-calling, and researching the market - all before noon! ...that's so the whole day won't end up being spent on 'the premise' of being an artist and not 'the product' of being an artist. (Kevin Obregon)

Kevin Obregon - From the Materials category:

When forced to create with what little you have around you, you realize the gifts you truly have. (Kevin Obregon)