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Jack Dickerson Quotes

Quotes by Jack Dickerson - (15 quotes)

Jack Dickerson - From the Artists category:

Artists express their own soul through their paintings. It is, perhaps, an affirmation of who we really are--as art rarely lies. (Jack Dickerson)

Jack Dickerson - From the Collectors category:

It has been my experience that people who buy my works demonstrate that they want to make a connection with the artist... And that this connection is an important part of the acquisition process. It seems to give the buyer something additional that is difficult to describe. It is also important to understand that many artists simply don't want to share and talk with buyers. This is the way it is. (Jack Dickerson)

Jack Dickerson - From the Confidence category:

Trust your inner confidence, and feed it with hard, dedicated work and determination, and the willingness to fail. That inner confidence is there. It is inside all of us, even when we do not realize it. Do not undermine it. It is one of the most powerful drivers. (Jack Dickerson)

Jack Dickerson - From the Creativity category:

CREATIVITY. Nothing would evolve and change without creativity - a unique power which is worth uncovering in each of us. (Jack Dickerson)

Jack Dickerson - From the Emotion category:

It is fascinating that all kinds of moods can result in really good works... not just during the highs or 'on a roll' moods. Surrender to the process. And it will envelop you. (Jack Dickerson)

Jack Dickerson - From the Experiments category:

Experiment, experiment, experiment - until it finally flows from within you. It is a hard road. But the result is also a deep inner satisfaction. (Jack Dickerson)

Jack Dickerson - From the Failure category:

There are no formulas. You cannot replicate someone's color palette and mixing and make it sing. It cannot come from the outside. It MUST come from the inside. This automatically means enduring, and learning from a certain number of failures. (Jack Dickerson)

Jack Dickerson - From the Greatness category:

Learn about Rembrandt's life of continuous ups and downs, misfortune and adversity. There is a lesson here, one that is shown to us by great artists through the ages. (Jack Dickerson)

Jack Dickerson - From the Harmony category:

Painting is all about contrasts and transitions and the variations of those: thick/thin, soft/hard, light/dark, red/green, blue/orange, texture/no texture, definition/vagueness, sharp transitions/soft blends, positive/negative, etc. When they are successful - that is in harmony - everything flows. And the opposite too; when they are out of sync, it is a struggle. (Jack Dickerson)

Jack Dickerson - From the Inspiration category:

The MOST important source of inspiration for painting ideas is our own lives... and what we like most. (Jack Dickerson)

Jack Dickerson - From the Meaning category:

The artist's meaning in the work is most often not experienced by the viewer or listener. It triggers an entirely new and different experience. I am not sure that all artists are comfortable with this notion. (Jack Dickerson)

Jack Dickerson - From the Power category:

We build muscles that are yet unknown to us. We gradually swerve into the land of unselfconscious creativity... the most powerful thing in the world. You CAN do it. (Jack Dickerson)

Jack Dickerson - From the Risk category:

You never know what is possible, or where your life can lead, if you are willing to take a chance and try something. (Jack Dickerson)

Jack Dickerson - From the Simplicity category:

Complicated is easy. It always seems to me that the simpler my paintings are, the better they feel. How much information do we need to convey a feeling? Not a heck of a lot. (Jack Dickerson)

Jack Dickerson - From the Truth category:

It is easy to lie with words. But our actions and our art will always speak honestly about us, our soul, and where we are at that moment in our life... (Jack Dickerson)