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Fernand Leger Quotes

Quotes by Fernand Leger - (9 quotes)

Fernand Leger - From the Abstraction category:

What does that represent? There was never any question in plastic art, in poetry, in music, of representing anything. It is a matter of making something beautiful, moving, or dramatic – this is by no means the same thing. (Fernand Leger)

Fernand Leger - From the Colour category:

Man needs colour to live; it's just as necessary an element as fire and water. (Fernand Leger)

Fernand Leger - From the Contrasts category:

I organize the opposition between colors, lines and curves. I set curves against straight lines, patches of color against plastic forms, pure colors against subtly nuanced shades of gray. (Fernand Leger)

Fernand Leger - From the Harmony category:

Every canvas, even if non-representational, that depends upon harmonious relationships of the three forces – color, volume and line – is a work of art. (Fernand Leger)

Fernand Leger - From the Love category:

Above all, it is a matter of loving art, not understanding it. (Fernand Leger)

Fernand Leger - From the Power category:

Enormous enlargements of an object or a fragment give it a personality it never had before, and in this way, it can become a vehicle of entirely new lyric and plastic power. (Fernand Leger)

Fernand Leger - From the Realism category:

Even a part of an object has value. A whole new realism resides in the way one envisages an object or one of its parts. (Fernand Leger)

Fernand Leger - From the Understanding category:

This truth must be recognized as a dogma and assume the validity of an axiom in the general understanding of painting. (Fernand Leger)

Fernand Leger - From the Worth category:

The realistic value of a work is completely independent of its properties in terms of content. (Fernand Leger)