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Rich Brimer Quotes

Quotes by Rich Brimer - (4 quotes)

Rich Brimer - From the Humanity category:

My hope with these [paintings], because they are a little more interesting than a pretty face, is that there will be a connection with our human side and a connection with the faces in our own lives. (Rich Brimer)

Rich Brimer - From the Mentors category:

I want to be able to mentor students on how to create art that can tell a story, what's in their heart... (Rich Brimer)

Rich Brimer - From the Money category:

Painting is my real passion, but it's harder to make money in non-business art. (Rich Brimer)

Rich Brimer - From the Success category:

If can find beauty in the simple, quiet things and connect with people on a deeper, spiritual level, my art is a success. (Rich Brimer)