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Burnell Yow! Quotes

Quotes by Burnell Yow! - (5 quotes)

Burnell Yow! - From the Accidents category:

The unforseen event, the 'accident,' the unexpected all play a very large part in my creative play. I prefer to let the materials suggest the direction of a work. (Burnell Yow!)

Burnell Yow! - From the Creativity category:

To create is to celebrate one's connection to the cosmos. (Burnell Yow!)

Burnell Yow! - From the Materials category:

I work with just about anything: paint, wood, glass, plastic, fabric, etc. I use a lot of 'found' and 'altered-function' objects in my work... By 'altered-function,' I mean objects that one buys new, let's say, at a hardware store, and uses in a way contrary to its designer's intent. (Burnell Yow!)

Burnell Yow! - From the Rules category:

There are no rules, only materials. (Burnell Yow!)

Burnell Yow! - From the Trust category:

Trust your intuition, your inner knowing; allow yourself to be immersed in the process of creation as a joyous and sacred dance of materials; neither listen to critics nor be one; leap into the dark secure in the knowing that wherever your feet touch down will be the right place at the right time. (Burnell Yow!)