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Susan Holland Quotes

Quotes by Susan Holland - (8 quotes)

Susan Holland - From the Art category:

Many are making art without even being aware that that is what is happening. Watch a child play--or a workman sing. It is all art. (Susan Holland)

Susan Holland - From the Artists category:

There are four artists: There is the artist you think you are, the artist you wish you were, the artist you want others to think you are, and the artist that you are. If you spend too much time thinking about all this, you may never find out who the last one is! (Susan Holland)

Susan Holland - From the Culture category:

Art is the product of the culture of the day. That which is a clone of yesterday's art is not art at all. (Susan Holland)

Susan Holland - From the Edges category:

Value plays a big part in edges. Disappearing edges happen, even with different colored areas, when the value is close. Like the opposite appearance of light against dark, which makes a sharp edge sharper. It's the drawing of an egg phenomenon! (Susan Holland)

Susan Holland - From the Individuality category:

No one else but you can make your marks. Listen to your bones. Speak with your spirit. Edit with your head. Live with your heart. (Susan Holland)

Susan Holland - From the Painting category:

I paint for painting, not for marketing and not for approval, although sales and applause are always very gratifying and fuel the muse enormously. (Susan Holland)

Susan Holland - From the Pets category:

As a 'pet portraitist' some years ago (daytime job) I was delighted to swap art of animals for veterinarian services. It has made me very happy to see those paintings on the wall of the waiting room when I have taken subsequent generations of pets to the vet. (Susan Holland)

Susan Holland - From the Style category:

Renditions of the human form in out-of-whack style packs a punch. It's art - mastery and spark! (Susan Holland)