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Kelly Moore Quotes

Quotes by Kelly Moore - (8 quotes)

Kelly Moore - From the Clubs category:

I tried to join a Yahoo outsider art group once and the queen bee there kicked me out of the group because I told her she wasn't wearing any clothes. That probably ruined my career. But at least I still got my pants on. (Kelly Moore)

Kelly Moore - From the Desire category:

I have been painting the devil alot lately because sin has been all over me once I decided I needed the money for that mobile home. I have done some awful things trying to get that down payment together. (Kelly Moore)

Kelly Moore - From the Fire category:

-on taking up painting...
Don't do it unless your house has caught fire. (Kelly Moore)

Kelly Moore - From the Friendship category:

From watching other artist, I can tell being friends with successful artists must make your art better. Getting along with the important ones helps as well... (Kelly Moore)

Kelly Moore - From the Future category:

-on being asked, "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"...
Probably still selling my work on the Tesuque reservation at the flea market here in New Mexico until I can pay off the mobile home. (Kelly Moore)

Kelly Moore - From the Influence category:

Tom Wilkerson is a big influence. Back in Arkansas he taught me about being thrifty with refrigerator parts when I was trying to break into the business. He showed me you can't waste anything so I recycle lots of stuff off the reservation where I paint. (Kelly Moore)

Kelly Moore - From the Inspiration category:

Money and pretty girls inspire me. (Kelly Moore)

Kelly Moore - From the Money category:

I paint to make money for a double-wide mobile home I have been eyein' for about three years now. It's got a bath and a half in it. (Kelly Moore)