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Randy Kentfield Quotes

Quotes by Randy Kentfield - (3 quotes)

Randy Kentfield - From the Humanity category:

Poor, harried humanity, in order to deal with the world at the level of animal survival, has invented labels for what it sees, and has become attached to those names; the underlying processes are hidden from dull men's eyes by the dead weight of their illusory forms. (Randy Kentfield)

Randy Kentfield - From the Music category:

The visual artist... can transform an animal's limited eyes into totally new ways of seeing. But the musician - that man has forsaken folly and revels in God - deals in a fluid medium unseen and unfelt but ecstatically experienced. (Randy Kentfield)

Randy Kentfield - From the Words category:

It seems to me the various art forms are at varying stages of spiritual development, which I take to be a progression from identification with finite biology to a union with infinite physics. Dangling from the lowest rung of Jacob's ladder are the verbal modes of expression. (Randy Kentfield)