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Minna Quotes

Quotes by Minna - (6 quotes)

Minna - From the Insecurity category:

You are safe to give and receive love. There is an infinite supply in your heart. (Minna)

Minna - From the Joy category:

Jump for joy! Life moves in leaps and bounds so enjoy the ride. (Minna)

Minna - From the Love category:

Help and love yourself first, so you can then help and love others fully. (Minna)

Minna - From the Optimism category:

Step into today with positive intent and don't look back. (Minna)

Minna - From the Responsibility category:

We are all responsible for causing our own happiness through positivity. Find the gold in every situation. (Minna)

Minna - From the Tradition category:

Echoes of the past are no longer needed. (Minna)