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Che Baraka Quotes

Quotes by Che Baraka - (7 quotes)

Che Baraka - From the Aging category:

Neither age, intelligence, nor acquired wisdom alone guarantees a long life. However, only an acquired wisdom that comes with age allows you to see what benefits there may be in being stupid and dying young. (Che Baraka)

Che Baraka - From the Art category:

The veracity of 'art for art's sake' is more accurately expressed as 'art for our sake.' (Che Baraka)

Che Baraka - From the Belief category:

I have but two absolute beliefs. The meaning of all life is being. However, we do art, which is how we measure the meaning of all being. It's the latter belief that makes the former belief absolute and vice versa. (Che Baraka)

Che Baraka - From the Knowledge category:

No matter what you lose in the course of your life, or despite what you may never acquire, value and seek to diminish that which you will always have - much to learn. (Che Baraka)

Che Baraka - From the Memory category:

By the time I was sixteen, I'd come to realize that the purpose of my life as an artist was to re-member what I had, by the age of five, dis-membered. And from that point on, never forget. (Che Baraka)

Che Baraka - From the Questions category:

The question, 'What is art?' has only one truly useful answer. Art is a once forgotten verb, and viewed with the right perspective, it's always the subject of Re-Membering. (Che Baraka)

Che Baraka - From the Reality category:

We live in an age in which individual experience is manifested and interpreted by two diametrically opposed catalysts: reality generated by personal beliefs and media-generated reality. (Che Baraka)