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Ernst Bloch Quotes

Quotes by Ernst Bloch - (3 quotes)

Ernst Bloch - From the Fear category:

- The Principle of Hope, 1959...
Hoping, located above fearing, is neither passive like the latter nor imprisoned into nothingness. (Ernst Bloch)

Ernst Bloch - From the Hope category:

-The Principle of Hope, 1959
The emotion of hoping expands out of itself, makes people wider instead of narrower; insatiable, it wants to know what makes people purposeful on the inside and what might be allied with them on the outside. (Ernst Bloch)

Ernst Bloch - From the Importance category:

-The Principle of Hope, 1959
It is important to learn hoping. Its work does not despair, it fell in love with succeeding rather than with failure. (Ernst Bloch)