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Leslie Tejada Quotes

Quotes by Leslie Tejada - (3 quotes)

Leslie Tejada - From the Flow category:

A big part of my creative process, as well as life itself, has been learning to let go. Trusting in the creative flow, I have gradually learned to paint from the inside out. (Leslie Tejada)

Leslie Tejada - From the Photography category:

Painting based on photographs almost always has an 'unreal' quality about it. It says something about the state of mind of our culture that we have gotten to think that the images provided through photography depict 'reality.' What with all the handheld distractionary devices, many have simply stopped really seeing at all. (Leslie Tejada)

Leslie Tejada - From the Signatures category:

The signature detracts from the appearance of the painting stylistically... is a little jolt to the viewer, bringing him back into the room, when I hope he'll 'lose' himself in the world of the painting. (Leslie Tejada)