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Brad Bird Quotes

Quotes by Brad Bird - (13 quotes)

Brad Bird - From the Copying category:

If there are similarities, it's simply because the same thoughts that occurred to other people also occurred to me. (Brad Bird)

Brad Bird - From the Dreams category:

We all have impossible dreams and we do what we can to pursue them... (Brad Bird)

Brad Bird - From the Ego category:

-MoviesOnline, on voicing a character in the film he directed, Ratatouille...
Oh, I'm just Ego's assistant. It's not anything big. (Brad Bird)

Brad Bird - From the Enthusiasm category:

I admit I'm enthusiastically demanding. (Brad Bird)

Brad Bird - From the Expectation category:

So I'm going to take a little time off. I've got a couple of tricks up my sleeve. I'm not ready to talk about them yet, but expect the unexpected. (Brad Bird)

Brad Bird - From the Finishing category:

Our films are never truly finished. We just get to stop at our deadline. (Brad Bird)

Brad Bird - From the Illusion category:

Animation is about creating the illusion of life. And you can't create it if you don't have one. (Brad Bird)

Brad Bird - From the Leadership category:

It's a matter of coaching greatness out of people. (Brad Bird)

Brad Bird - From the Masters category:

When caricaturist, Al Hirschfeld, did a drawing of a celebrity, it often looked more like the person than the person did. That's our goal in animation. (Brad Bird)

Brad Bird - From the Mediums category:

I love my medium. (Brad Bird)

Brad Bird - From the Movement category:

Ten-year-old boys move differently than middle-aged women, who move differently than athletic guys, who move differently than government bureaucrats. (Brad Bird)

Brad Bird - From the Space category:

If you look at a lot of animated movies, they don't pay attention to how things move through space. (Brad Bird)

Brad Bird - From the Winning category:

Every time I started going in the direction of thinking how it might turn out, I started to just turn my brain around and not go there, because I think the surest way to guarantee that you won't win is to assume that you will. (Brad Bird)

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Last modified: November 25, 2015