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Greg Allen Quotes

Quotes by Greg Allen - (9 quotes)

Greg Allen - From the Art category:

Through the various forms of modern media it seems that art has become a deluge. (Greg Allen)

Greg Allen - From the Confidence category:

It's always a little devil this confidence thing, but don't be afraid of painting with passersby looking over your shoulder. Chances are extremely strong that you are a better painter... (Greg Allen)

Greg Allen - From the Gender category:

Women are now empowered to express their creativity with more freedom and support than previous generations. (Greg Allen)

Greg Allen - From the Illusion category:

Art is an 'apprenticeship', devoted to the science of appearances in order to create illusions of likeness. (Greg Allen)

Greg Allen - From the Masters category:

Before I could engage my creativity, I had to learn enough of the classical theory clearly evident in the great works of art of my heroes. (Greg Allen)

Greg Allen - From the Painting category:

I try to remain cognizant of the potential beauty of a single mark of the brush as an element in itself. (Greg Allen)

Greg Allen - From the Potential category:

I have always believed in responding creatively to the maximum range of visual stimuli, for perhaps to do otherwise would be to inhibit an artist's potential to emotively touch people in visually diverse ways. (Greg Allen)

Greg Allen - From the Technology category:

We have technology on our side (the digital camera and the internet) and the nature of information has changed; it is all so marketable and available and is no longer constrained by privilege and apprenticeship. (Greg Allen)

Greg Allen - From the Values category:

Your darker colours will be the ones that pull the picture together and they will also be the time-defining ones – the shadows that indicate sun direction. (Greg Allen)